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Our users' trust is of utmost importance to us and therefore we follow a strict integrity policy. This Privacy Policy describes how we collect and use the personally identifiable information you provide on our site.

Information collection and use

We use cookies to make it easier to use our website and they can be used to personalize certain parts of the content. A cookie is a small text file sent from our web server and stored by your web browser. The information we store can be information about how our users have viewed and used our website, and which browser they used.

The statistics never include any personal information, everything is anonymous. IP addresses are not stored in our database where we store behavior on the site, therefore information about you as a user never connected with your identity. Your IP address is stored for security purposes only in those cases you actively registering on the website.

How we use cookies:

  • Develop and improve the site by understanding how it is used.
  • Calculate and report the number of users and traffic.
  • Making it easier for you to navigate the site.
  • Make it possible for the system to recognize regular users to customize services.

Sometimes we use third-party cookies from other companies to do market research and traffic measurements and to improve the functionality of the site.

Controlling your personal information

You may choose to restrict the collection or use of your personal information in the following ways:

  1. You can delete cookies from your hard drive at any time, but this means that your personal settings disappear.
  2. You can also change the settings of your browser to not allow cookies to be saved on your hard drive. However, this poorer functionality of certain websites, you can prevent access to the members area and make that part of the content and features may not be available.
  3. If you do not want to be tracked by Google Analytics may be disabled at the address:

More information on how to prevent cookies please read on

Cookies used by the site

The table below is a complete list of cookies that are used by the website when cookies are approved, and activated in your browser and DNT (Do Not Track) is not activated.
Informasjonskapsel Varighet Informasjon
bAcceptCookies 365 days Contains information about the user has accepted or rejected the use of cookies.
cfID To the session expires Identify the user session (backend/framework)
cfToken To the session expires Identify the user session (backend/framework)
jSessionID To the session expires Identify the user session (backend/framework)
currentFarcryProject To the session expires Identify the user session connection with project folder name
farcryDeviceType To the session expires Identify the user session device/unit type
hasSessionScope To the session expires Identifies if the device has sessions enabled.
sessionScopeTested To the session expires Identifies if it is tested that the unit has support for sessions.

Your cookies

We have noticed that you have approved the use of cookies. Your browser does not DNT (Do Not Track) or this feature is not active in your browser, using the DNT can ask websites not to track you while essential cookies will continue to work to give you a better user experience. This website and its features will function as intended in your browser.

Changes to this privacy policy

We may from time to time change our privacy policy to comply with all legal requirements as well as our own practice for collecting and processing data.